Benefits in Microchipping for Pets

#Microchips help identify your pet. If your pet is lost and ends up at an animal shelter, they will know whose pet it is.

Identification information can be easily updated. As the information is kept on a database, it is a simple matter to update your details whenever you move or your number changes.

A pet microchip is a permanent form of identification. A tiny chip contains the pet's address and contact information. It is linked to a database, so that the information can be updated. Microchips for pets provide a valuable way for pets to be tracked and their owners to be found. There is less chance that someone will steal your pet. As a microchip is a permanent record that that dog belongs to you, there is less likelihood that someone will be able to get away with stealing it.

There is less chance you will lose your pet. When a pet has a microchip, it increases the chances of your pet being returned.

You will know if your animal is dying or injured. Unfortunately, some animals do get injured and die. When a vet or the council comes to retrieve or treat the pet, they will check the microchip and inform you of what has happened.

#Pet microchip cost is relatively cheap; most places offer low-cost microchipping. When you consider this microchip stays with your dog for life, it is an inexpensive method of identification.

If your pet runs away, you may spend less time looking for them, posting advertisements or visiting animal shelters. It may save your pet's life. If a pet ends up at an animal shelter, it will stay there for a certain period of time before it has to be put down. However, if your pet has a microchip, then the contact details will be retrieved and your pet will be returned.

Permanent Identification

Buy a pup
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an irresistible impulse to travel.

During travel, keep a tag that has your destination information on it, the dates you can be located at that destination, and your regular, home contact information.

Even though your dog may be microchipped, a collar and tags are still a good thing to keep on her. Do NOT use a regular collar, as regular, nylon buckle collars and choke chains can get caught on bushes and fences, and could strangle a struggling dog. A breakaway collar has a velcro clasp, that when caught, can be easily broken out of.

At least once a year, and as often as every six months, take a good, high quality photo of your dog standing up from the side, against a plain background, just in case you ever need to put up "Lost" posters and flyers.

Have a list handy of the animal control officers, humane societies, shelters, and veterinarians in your area.

Many pet stores now sell special collar tags that you can write all your contact information in or on. This is an ideal addition to your pet's regular tags. Keep the information up-to-date, and check them frequently for readability.

Fireworks can wreak havoc on a dog's ears, and are the cause of thousands of missing pets every year. If your area is going to be celebrating anything with fireworks, keep your dog confined!

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