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Guarantee, Breeding Ethics, Teacups


We guarantee every puppy we sell not to have any health defects. Puppies should be taken to your personal Veterinarian* within 48 hours of purchase. If your Veterinarian* finds that your puppy has a life threatening illness, disease, or deficiency, we will gladly refund purchase price or exchange your puppy; with verifiable documentation from a licensed Veternarian*.

All puppies will have 1 to 2 sets of puppy shots and come with a health record. We will not sell any puppy that is under one and a half pounds (24 oz.). Most Yorkies will be at least 8 weeks old.

Memphis Yorkies
will not be responsible for buyers personal Veterinarian Fees.


I am dedicated to the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. My dams are never repeatedly bred and never bred more than 1-4 times total. A lot of planning goes into all breeding, with my personal involvement and supervision. I breed for the next show puppy that will be a dynamite addition to my breeding program. Most of my puppies are superb representatives of the breed, if not "show quality".

I strongly feel that all puppies born at Memphis Yorkies puppies are pets FIRST, and many possess potential show qualities, or produce great offspring. I require verifiable Veterinarian* references; valid breeder certification and documentation, before selling to a potential (reputable) breeder.


I do have extra small puppies (under 3 pounds) available to pet homes. These puppies are considered "RUNTS" and are presented for sale between 3 months to 6 months.

They are not suited for homes with small children, cats, or large dogs. I do reserve the right TO REFUSE A SALE based on my judgment, and home visits may be required in certain circumstances.



Their Web sites and Internet classified ads allow them to sell directly to the public.

"Reputable breeders might use the Internet as a resource, but would not ship a puppy to a client based on a transaction on the Web", said Bob Baker, a St. Louis-based investigator for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

"Reputable breeders want you to come to their facility." — "They're going to ask you more questions than you ask them," he said. "They're going to be careful who their dogs go to."


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